Fruit and vegetable electroporation (high-voltage pulsed electric field equipment)

Electroporation (referred to as PEF) is an emerging international food research field in recent years. It is a kind of intact fruit and vegetable and crushed fruit pulp as electrolyte placed in a container with two electrodes, and a high-voltage pulse electric field is applied to the two electrodes. (Usually 20-80kV/cm), fruits and vegetables and crushed fruit pulp are subjected to high-voltage pulsed electric field (electroporation) in a very short time, which changes the internal tissue structure of fruits and vegetables. Due to the orderly arrangement of the electric field force, the high-voltage pulsed electric field can change the permeability of the cell membrane, thereby increasing the drying rate of fruits and vegetables. PEF can increase the extraction rate of fruit juice, sugar, colorants and other active substances, and significantly extend the shelf life. Diffusion processes, such as removing water or marinades from plant or animal tissues, accelerate the absorption of spices and auxiliary substances, thus saving valuable time in the production process.


Electroporation effect:


Create value by maximizing the effectiveness of natural raw materials. Electroporation can significantly improve yield, freshness and flavor in a variety of foods and applications.


In particular, PEF processing can be used to enhance the mass transfer process during the extraction, pressing or drying of fruits and vegetables. The permeabilization of the meat tissue can be used to enhance the drying, curing and curing processes.

When PEF is applied to liquid and semi-liquid, non-hot food preservation can be achieved while maintaining the quality and freshness of sensory and nutritional products.


The benefits of high-voltage pulsed electric fields after processing fruits and vegetables:


Lose 20~50% moisture of fruits and vegetables


Improve cutting performance, smooth cutting surface, increase product output and quality, reduce oil absorption and reduce equipment wear.


Many PEF users report reduced water and energy consumption. The continuous process of inactivating microorganisms at low temperatures. The application of PEF can extend the shelf life while retaining the taste, color and nutritional value of freshly squeezed raw materials


Composition of electroporation system:


PEF system equipment mainly includes five parts: power supply device, pulse generator (including capacitor and control switch), sample processing room, cooling system, and temperature measurement system.


Application of high voltage pulse electric field


1. Food drying: such as vacuum freeze drying, vacuum frying drying, microwave vacuum drying, hot air drying, etc.


2. Other liquid food industry: if juice, wine, fruit wine, beverage, milk, vegetable oil, etc.


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