Distribute the cell suspension into additional (5-10) wells and add OSS with the antibiotic of choice to the final volume of 1.8 mL. Keep one well without antibiotic as a control of cell recovery

Immediately after the pulse, put the cuvette back on ice, add 1 mL cold (5-10 °C) OSS and resuspend the cells

Immediately transfer the cell suspension into an electroporation cuvette (0.2 mm)

Let the cells grow for 2-3 days, then perform 10× serial dilutions of cells from each selection well of the 24-well plate

Make sure that the final concentration of the antibiotic is as determined by the resistance test

Quickly transfer the cuvette into an electroporation apparatus (e.g., Gene Pulser Xcell from Bio-Rad) and apply the pulse

Transfer the cell suspension into a well of a 24-well plate, add additional 0.8 mL OSS, and cultivate for 5-8 h without selection

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