title={Efficient Insertion Mutagenesis Strategy for Bacterial Genomes Involving Electroporation of In Vitro-Assembled DNA Transposition Complexes of Bacteriophage Mu},
  author={Arja Lamberg and Sari Nieminen and Mingqiang Qiao and Harri Savilahti},
  journal={Applied and Environmental Microbiology},
  pages={705 - 712}
ABSTRACT An efficient insertion mutagenesis strategy for bacterial genomes based on the phage Mu DNA transposition reaction was developed. Incubation of MuA transposase protein with artificial mini-Mu transposon DNA in the absence of divalent cations in vitro resulted in stable but inactive Mu DNA transposition complexes, or transpososomes. Following delivery into bacterial cells by electroporation, the complexes were activated for DNA transposition chemistry after encountering divalent metal… CONTINUE READING

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