IRE can be effectively used against human pancreatic cancer.

Cisplatin enhances IRE efficacy against human pancreatic cancer.

Treatment with CaCl2 and IRE is the most effective against pancreatic cancer.


In this study, irreversible electroporation (IRE), electrochemotherapy (ECT), and calcium electroporation (CaEP) techniques were investigated as new strategies for human pancreatic cancer. Qualification of the patients, best “therapeutic moment” for each patient, safety, and complications after procedures were examined. In this pilot study were included 13 patients in this study, which were operated on in different pancreatic cancer stages. Patients underwent IRE or ECT with intravenous admission of cisplatin or electroporation with calcium intratumoral administration. The IRE procedure was safe for the patients. Medium overall survival for IRE, IRE + CTH, and IRE + CaCl2 was respectively: 16, 29.5, and 19 months comparing to 10 months in control chemotherapy (CTH) group. Thus, IRE, ECT, and CaEP can be effective strategies for pancreatic cancer treatment.


Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma



Personalized therapy

Calcium electroporation

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