The dry run for COVID-19 vaccine is being carried out in as many as 116 districts across 259 sites in the country to test operational feasibility.

In its bid to be ready for the COVID-19 vaccination drive as soon as vaccines are available, India is carrying out a nationwide vaccine dry run today (January 2). It can be seen as a trial run before the actual vaccination begins. Different states and union territories all over the country have prepared to test the operational feasibility required for vaccination through this drive. A trial run was earlier conducted in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, and Assam on December 28 and 29.

The current exercise is being carried out in all states in a minimum of three sites. It is being conducted in as many as 116 districts across 259 sites. Check out these recent pictures of the COVID-19 vaccine dry run from different cities and states in the country:

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