With the rollout of the Phase-3 vaccination drive in India, crores of Indians have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. While many are up for the vaccine, others are driven by myths associated with it. 

Given the significance of the vaccination in ending the horrific COVID-19 pandemic, the article will help you keep the vaccine-related myths at bay. 

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Myth: You can get infected with COVID-19 from the vaccine. 

Fact: A person cannot get infected with COVID-19 from the vaccine as it does not contain the live virus. Instead, it teaches our immune systems how to recognize and fight the virus. Sometimes this process can cause mild fever, headache, etc., indicating that the body is building protection against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine can cause infertility.

Fact: Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan annulled all the claims doing rounds on social media about how the COVID-19 vaccine could pose a grievous threat to a person's fertility. There are no scientific pieces of evidence present to substantiate the claims. 

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine affects the menstrual cycle. 

Fact: COVID-19 vaccine has no relation with your menstrual cycle and in no way affects it. Other things such as stress, changes in diet, exercise can affect your menstrual cycles. Infections may also affect menstrual cycles.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe as it was developed quickly.

Fact: Although COVID-19 vaccines were developed in record time, no compromises were made on any protocols and steps. The vaccines have undergone the same rigorous Food and Drug Administration process as other vaccines. Both pre-clinical and clinical data show that the vaccines are safe and induce a robust antibody response.

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Myth: COVID-19 vaccine frails your immunity. 

Fact: While people may experience uneasiness after being administered the COVID-19 vaccine, but this surely does not frail their immunity. Instead, it helps in developing a strong immune response against the disease. 

Myth: There's no need to get vaccinated if you have recovered from COVID-19. 

Fact: The development of immunity or duration of protection after COVID-19 exposure is unknown. Therefore, it is advisable to receive a vaccine irrespective of past history of infection with COVID-19.

Myth: You can stop wearing a mask after getting vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Fact: Even after getting vaccinated against COVID-19, people are advised to continue taking all the precautionary measures as the longevity of the immunity from the vaccine is yet to be ascertained. 

Myth: Healthy people with good immune function do not need a COVID-19 vaccine.

Fact: Healthy people with a good immune function can still contract the virus, experience severe symptoms and spread it to others. Thus, vaccines are important to protect each one of us from severe and life-threatening COVID-19 complications.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine alters the DNA.

Fact: COVID-19 vaccines contains messenger RNA (mRNA). mRNA instructs cells to make the “spike protein” found on the new coronavirus. When the immune system recognizes the said protein, it induces a robust antibody response. Also, mRNA doesn't enter the nucleus of the cell, and hence, cannot alter the DNA. 

These were some of the myths associated with the COVID-19 vaccine. We urge you to not fall for them and join hands in disseminating misinformation related to the vaccines throughout the pandemic because no one is safe until everyone is safe. 

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