IBA - Transfection with liposomes: IBAfect, 1 ml

IBAfect is a polycationic transfection reagent based on liposome technology. The specifically designed molecular structure of the cationic lipid ensures easy entry of DNA/RNA into cells by condensing DNA/RNA to compact structures (DNA/RNA/lipidcomplex) and endosome buffering. IBAfect is provided as a ready-to-use solution. It shows no serum inhibition, which makes it a reagent of choice for transfecting sensitive cell lines. When results with IBAfect as a lipofection reagent alone are not satisfactory it is recommended to combine it with IBA's MA Lipofection Enhancer.


IBAfect may be used at a ratio between 2 and 7 µl per µg nucleic acid. As a starting point ratio we recommend to use 3 µl IBAfect per µg nucleic acid in larger assay formats and more IBAfect vs nucleic acid in smaller assay formats, as indicated below. The amounts of nucleic acid given below may be a good starting point for the application of IBAfect:

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