Transfection with common lipidic or polycationic reagents can be enhanced by magnetic assistance ("Magnet Assisted Lipofection"). In this case, the nucleic acid to be transfected has to be combined with MA Lipofection Enhancer in the presence of a common transfection reagent. The formulation of MA Lipofection Enhancer, which contains magnetic nanoparticles (MagTag™), has been optimized for use with IBA's new lipofection reagent IBAfect. The MA Lipofection Enhancer can be used for adherent cells; for suspension cells see MATra-S Immobilizer.


For indicated cells the following methods were tested. 1: Calcium phosphate vs Magnet Assisted Lipofection, 2-4 Lipofection vs Magnet Assisted Lipofection, 5: Lipofection vs Magnet Assisted Transfection. Data kindly provided by industrial IBA customer.

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