Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Novavax have not been included in the projected list of vaccines.

From August onwards until the end of the year, SII is supposed to supply 50 crore Covishield doses and Bharat Biotech is supposed to supply 40 crore Covaxin doses.

However, as of June 12, Bharat Biotech has supplied 2.8 crore vaccine doses when they were required to supply 8 crore doses by May 31. It will not be able to supply the required vaccines unless they ramp up production.

Maharashtra govt-owned Haffkine Biopharmaceutical Corporation has been given the nod to produce Covaxin, but it will take it a year to start production.

Last week, India was vaccinating more than 50 lakh people daily and it had touched a high of 64 lakh. This week, it has fallen to below 50 lakh and on June 28, India vaccinated 48.76 lakh people. It is likely to fall further in July.

Indian Council of Medical Research chief Balram Bhargava had stated on June 1, 2021 that by mid-July, India will have enough COVID-19 vaccines to inoculate one crore people every day. He had added that there would be no vaccine shortage in the country. However, the government affidavit reveals otherwise.

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