The partnership sees Apeiron Biologics utilize MaxCyte’s flow electroporation technology and ‘ExPERT’ platform for APN401, a siRNA-based cell therapy.

Apeiron will gain non-exclusive clinical and commercial rights for the use of the technology, while MaxCyte will receive development milestones and sales-based payments, alongside licensing fees.

APN401 is a cell therapy that has completed Phase Ia and Phase Ib trials, with a Phase II study currently being planned, with the drug candidate being explored for the treatment of solid tumors.

The potential treatment is designed to silence Cbl-b mRNA in autologous peripheral blood mononuclear cells, with these cells being engineered and reinfused into the patient.

"Securing access to MaxCyte's ExPERT platform and unique electroporation technology is a crucial next step in the clinical advancement of our lead checkpoint inhibition Cbl-b candidate APN401,"​ said Peter Llewellyn-Davies, CEO of Apeiron.

According to MaxCyte, its flow electroporation technology is able to transfect cell lines with efficiencies above 90% for various cell types.

The Maryland-headquartered company has granted licenses to more than 100 cell therapy programs, for use of its technology, as well as entering 11 clinical and commercial license partnerships with cell and gene therapy-focused companies.

Maryland biohub

Apeiron is based in Vienna, Austria, but chose to work with MaxCyte that is located in Maryland, US. The state is rapidly becoming biopharma hub for those companies working in the advanced therapeutics space.

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