There is a lot of politics in our country about vaccine at this time. The opposition alleges that the central government has failed in the management of the vaccine and the availability of the vaccine to the people.

India stands at third number in the whole world in terms of vaccination so far, while China is at number one. India has administered over 21 crore doses, while China has claimed that it had administered 54 crore vaccine doses.

US is at second place. The total population of US is 330 million and it has administered 28.77 million vaccine doses.

India is the only one among these three countries, where even now, more than 1 lakh new cases of coronavirus are being registered daily. That is, our country is also struggling with the second wave of Corona and at the same time vaccination drive is being conducted on a large scale. Whereas, China claims that 54 crore vaccine doses have been administered there and only an average of 500 new cases are being registered daily.

According to the statistics, you will find that China has done a better job than India in terms of inoculating its people. But today we want to tell you the reality.

Some videos of China's Guangzhou city went viral on social media, where thousands of people were seen jostling with each other for the vaccine and there it became difficult for the police to control the people.

It is not easy to find out about the current conditions in China. The media in China is not free and seeing the news that is coming from there in the international media, it seems that everything is fine in China and it has done a better job than India in terms of vaccine. But this is not true.

One picture shows no stampede at a vaccinaton site, wheeras another shows a huge crowd outside a vaccination center.

Figures released by the World Health Organization say that cases started increasing in China around May 15. On 15 May, the number of new corona cases in China was 49, which increased to 611 on 25 May and again reduced to half on 1 June.

On June 1, 378 new patients were infected with this virus in China. Now China claims that everything is fine there. And the infection is also under control.

The distance from Wuhan city of China to Guangzhou City is about 1,000 kilometers and the important thing is that the tightness in Guangzhou city has been increased for the last few days. Sea Food Markets have been closed there. Flights have been stopped at Baiyun International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. Apart from this, the deployment of police has been increased on the roads and there are reports that lockdown has been imposed in many areas.

But China is still saying that everything is fine there. And on June 1, there were only 23 new patients infected with this virus. Now the thing to think about is that when the infection is under control, then why is China imposing such restrictions and why there is panic among people about the vaccine? The truth is that the amount of lies in China's claims is very high and the information given by it cannot be believed.

However, it is true that China has brightened its image by making false claims. Today, the WHO also believes that only about 5,000 deaths have occurred in China in the last one and a half years due to coronavirus and 1,11,000 people have been infected. But we believe that China lied about the coronavirus and now it is also presenting wrong data about the vaccination drive.

Over 27 lakh people were vaccinated in India in just one day on 31st May. However, there is also a shortage of vaccine in India. And the main reason for this is the population of our country. The population of India is 135 crore and according to the Worldometer it has become 139 crore and it is not easy to vaccinate people in our country. There are many people who have to be encouraged to get vaccinated.

There are many states where vaccine wastage is high. According to a report of 27 May, Jharkhand tops in terms of wastage of vaccine, 37.3 percent of the vaccine wasted there.

In Chhattisgarh, this figure is 30.2 percent and in Tamil Nadu it is 15.5 percent. Apart from this, in Rajasthan, 1.1 million doses of the vaccine were wasted.

At present, the rate of vaccine wastage in the entire country is 6.3 percent.

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