Objective  To observe the effects of immunologic cytokines or anti-angiogenesis gene transfer mediated by electroporation for choroidal melanoma cells.Methods  The human embryo kidney cells and malignant choroidal melanoma cells were transfected with plasmids pNGVL-mIL2, pNGVL-mIL12, pCI-sFLK-1, pCR3.1-antiVEGF121,pCI-ExTek. Then the expression of mIL2, mIL12, sFLK-1, VEGF and ExTek were detected by enzymelinked immunosorbentassay (ELISA) and Western blot. Nude mice models of malignant choroidal melanoma were established and they were divided into four groups randomly. Each group was treated with 30  mu;l of 0.9% NaCl, 30  mu;g pNGVL, 30  mu;g antiVEGF121+sFLK-1+ExTek and 30  mu;g mIL2+mIL12 respectively by electroporation. Seven,14, 21, 28, 35 and 42 days after treatment, the tumor volumes were measured to calculate the tumor inhibition rate. Results  ELISA and Western blot showed that mIL2,mIL12,sFLK-1 and ExTek were expressed after electroporation,VEGF expression was decreased remarkably. After treatment,the tumors of mIL2+mIL12 group were greatly inhibited with a tumor inhibition rate of 97.33%,while the tumors of antiVEGF121+sFLK-1+ExTek and pNGVL group were partially inhibited with tumor inhibition rates of 53.33% and 36.33% respectively.Conclusions  Immunologic cytokines transfer mediated by electroporation can inhibit the growth of melanoma,but anti-angiogenesis only have a mild effects.

韦芳,王丰,刘新建,李惠明,田毓华,黄倩. Inhibition of choroidal melanoma cell growth by electroporationmediated transfer of immunologic cytokines or antiangiogenesis genes. Chinese Journal of Ocular Fundus Diseases, 2011, 27(1): 33-36. doi:

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