Available online 24 June 2020, 102430

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Only monopolar PEF was found to electroporate guard cells of Thai basil leaves.

Guard cells electroporation required stronger PEF protocols than other cells.

Guard cells electroporation can be used to decrease drying time by up to 80%.


The effect of electroporation parameters on the reversible permeabilization of cells in Thai basil leaves and, specifically, cells on the leaf surface was investigated, as electroporation of stomatal guard cells decreases drying times. Various combinations of PEF and MEF parameters were applied. The effect of these parameters on the electroporation of the leaf surface was assessed with microscopic observations and the electroporation of the bulk tissues was tested with electrical resistance measurements. With PEF and MEF, the electroporation of the epidermal cells increased with increasing treatment time. Compared to epidermal cells, guard cells required larger number of pulses to achieve homogeneous electroporation. Results showed that electroporation of cells on the leaf surface increased with the increase of voltage, pulse width and number of pulses. The electroporation of cells in the bulk tissues increased with increasing voltage and pulse width. Six specific combinations of parameters were found to electroporate the guard cells on the leaf surface while maintaining the viability of the leaves.


Reversible permeabilization




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