Today we will tell you how thousands of people were given fake COVID-19 vaccines in 9 housing societies and many private companies in Mumbai. These people came to know about this when after getting the vaccine, it did not have any side effect on any of these people. Is it that someone is doing similar fraud with you about the vaccine or should go ahead with getting your dose? 

So, today we have done a lot of research on this whole matter and we will tell you about this.

This news has come from Mumbai, where fake vaccination camps were set up at 9 places and about 2000 people got the vaccine in these camps. But now all these people are asking the police whether the vaccine given to them was fake or not. 

On May 30, vaccination was organised in a housing society in Mumbai and the first dose of the Covishield vaccine was administered to 390 people living in the society. The team that organized this vaccination told that they came from a big hospital in Mumbai and they charged Rs 1260 from each person for one dose of the vaccine.

This means that 390 people gave 4,91,400 to this team to get the vaccine. Although this money was not much for these people as the day they got the vaccine, everyone was happy. There were two reasons for this happiness, one was that these people did not have to go anywhere else to get the vaccine and the second reason is that they did not even make an appointment for the vaccine on the Cowin App. 

But their happiness did not last for long. 390 people got the vaccine in this society but no one saw any change in their body after getting the vaccine. According to the famous medical journal The Lancet, one out of every four people who get the Covishield vaccine shows minor side effects. 

The Union Health Ministry also believes that after getting the vaccine, in some cases, there may be a mild fever, headache, fatigue, and abdominal pain but nothing of the sort happened in this case and that is where these people got suspicious about this vaccination.

The people's suspicion increased when they did not get the vaccination certificate for a week after getting the vaccine. Eventually, when they got the certificate, each of them had a different date and name of a different vaccination center. That is, these certificates were also fake like the vaccination camp. After this, when people reached the hospitals from where this team claimed to have come, it was found that the hospital had not organized any such vaccination camp, that is, it became clear here that, in the name of the vaccine, these people were cheated. 

However, the real story was much more than this as when the matter went to the police, it was revealed that there is not 1 such fake vaccination camp in Mumbai, but 9 such camps have been set up by the same team and these people cheated many people by doing this and earned lakhs of rupees from it. The police have also arrested four of the accused.

According to the police, each of the people caught had a different job. A person used to go to Housing Societies for vaccination camps and tell them a date that there would be a vaccine on some date. Then some people used to go to that society and note down the information of the people like name, address and Aadhar card number and then on the day of vaccination, this team used to vaccinate these people.

Mumbai Police has registered a case of Adulterated Vaccine in this case. That is, applying fake and adulterated vaccines to people. Because the people complaining have told that the vials from which they were vaccinated were open. Now the big question is whether this is happening only in Mumbai or only in India and how can it be avoided?

As of now, the police are taking action in this matter, but the victims of fraud do not even know whether they were vaccinated or not. And if the given vaccine was not related to the coronavirus, then what was in it. People are now scared of that.

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