Our Electroporation Cuvettes are designed to maximize molecular electroporation and electrofusion efficiencies for Bacteria, Yeast, Insect, Plant and Mammalian cells. These cuvettes are compatible with most electroporation systems. The cap design improves aseptic handling techniques and the positive seal reduces potential aerosol and contamination issues. The molding process ensures extremely fine tolerances so that the electrodes have a consistent gap and parallel configuration. Each batch of cuvettes undergoes rigorous testing at several stages during the manufacturing process for engineering tolerances, biocompatibility and sterility. Multiple sizes are available, all with color-coded caps.


Table of Contents


  • Compatible with most electroporation systems
  • Special cap design improves aseptic handling techniques
  • Tapered V bottom reduces dead volumes
  • Molding process ensures fine tolerances
  • Individually wrapped and sterile



  • Molecular electroporation and electrofusion



  • EP-101 – 1mm cuvettes x 50
  • EP-102 – 2mm cuvettes x 50
  • EP-104 – 4mm cuvettes x 50
  • EP-201 – 1mm cuvettes with long electrode* x 50
  • EP-202 – 2mm cuvettes with long electrode* x 50


*Long electrodes are intended for use with Bio-Rad Xcell system


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