Electroporation is an effective approach for drug and gene delivery, but still limited by its low throughput and severe cell damage. Herein, with a self-powered triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) as the power source, we demonstrated a high-throughput electroporation system based on the design of biocompatible and flexible polypyrrole (PPy) microfoam as the electrodes within the flow channel. Especially, to lower the imposed voltage, one-dimension (1D) Ag nanowires (Ag NWs) were modified on the microfoam electrode to build up a locally enhanced electric field to reduce cell damage. The self-powered electroporation system realized a successful delivery of small and large biomolecules into different cell lines with the efficiency up to 86% and cell viability over 88%. The handle throughput achieved as high as 105 cells min-1 on continuously flowed cells. The high-throughput and self-powered electroporation system is expected to have potential applications in the fields of high-throughput drug and gene delivery for in vitro isolated cells.

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