At present, our country is lacking in two things. The first is the lack of coronavirus vaccines and the second is the lack of confidence in the vaccine. People in many states are afraid to get the COVID vaccine even though it is available. Currently, the vaccine is being administered to all people above 18 years of age in the country. There are two vaccines available for these people. One is Covishield and the other is Covaxin.

There are five big fears about the vaccine in the minds of such people-

First fear - Getting the vaccine will result in death

Second fear - Getting the vaccine will cause coronavirus

Third fear- Will some other medicine be replaced instead of vaccine?

Fourth fear- Side effects of vaccine cause many diseases.

Fifth fear - The vaccine will spoil the breed.

First thing is vaccine does not cause death. Vaccine is for saving lives, not for taking them away. According to the Union Health Ministry, all such claims which say that vaccination leads to death are false. The truth is that due to the vaccine, a large number of people have remained safe even after getting infected and the virus has not affected them much.

Getting the vaccine does not cause COVID infection. The vaccine makes neutralizing antibodies in the body, which means that even after getting the vaccine, infection can happen, but when this infection enters the body, then it will compete with the already existing neutralizing antibodies, which are made in the body from the vaccine.

There were around 73,600 vaccination centers in India till the end of April. The administration is responsible for administering the vaccine at immunization centers and the health department and other units are also taking care of it. The big thing is that there cannot be any other medicine in the vaccine vial. And till now no such case has come.

Side effects of the vaccine have been seen in only a few people so far. Every medicine in allopathy has side effects. The medicine you take in fever also has side effects. But in most cases, their effect is not that much.

Vaccines does not make the breed bad. This is completely false and a rumour. You should not believe this rumour.

In India, every person by the age of 16 has had more than 15 vaccines.

Many vaccines are given to babies after birth-

1. Vaccine for TB, which is called BCG vaccine.

2. Vaccine is for Hepatitis B.

3. Vaccine for Polio - Children are given polio drops four times. First, 15 days after birth, then 6 weeks after that, then after 10 weeks and then after 14 weeks.

4. Vaccine for Haemophilus influenzae - Given at 6 weeks after birth and then after 14 weeks.

5. Vaccine for Rota Virus - Given at 6 weeks after birth.

When the baby is 9 months old, he gets two vaccines - Vitamin A and Rubeola. When the child is 16 to 24 months old, he still receives many vaccines, Japanese Encephalitis vaccine being the major one. Children are also vaccinated against tetanus at age 10 and again at age 16.

Under India's National Immunization Campaign, children receive more than 15 vaccines by the age of 16. Despite this, many people today are hesitant in getting COVID jabs. One thing to understand here is that due to the power of India's national vaccination campaign, two diseases -- Polio and Neonatal Tetanus have been eradicated in the country and this has been possible only with the vaccine.

It is not that there is fear and rumor about the vaccine in India only. It has an impact all over the world. According to a study done on different social media platforms, at this time most rumors about the vaccine are not in India but in America.

Of the rumors gathered in this study, 15 percent were related to the US alone. India is at number two, where this figure is 13 percent. While Brazil is in third place with 12 percent. This study has been published by Science Journal Plos One in May 2021.

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