Today's news is for those people who still want to get the COVID vaccine before vacation. Germany's Munich University and a research institute in Italy have given a piece of shocking information in their new study. It said that administering the vaccine in the wrong way can cause blood clotting in the body.

In the study, it has been said that the COVID vaccines, which have been developed from Adeno Virus are being administered incorrectly in many countries.

Adenovirus is a virus found in animals and humans and this virus is also the cause of diseases like fever, pneumonia and diarrhea. This virus is also used to make vaccines and at present, there are three such vaccines, which have been prepared with its help.

One of these is AstraZeneca, which is being administered in India under the name of Covishield. The other is Sputnik V, which is Russia's vaccine. And the third is Johnson and Johnson's vaccine.

Covishield and Sputnik V are currently being administered in India. But this study said that the method of administering the vaccine is not correct. And if this vaccine is not applied to the muscles, then the risk of blood clotting increases.

When the vaccine is injected into your body with a syringe, its needle tip should reach the muscle. But in many cases, it has been seen that for inoculation, the skin is first pulled and then the vaccine is injected. Instead of reaching the muscles, the vaccine stops in the blood vessels only.

Blood vessels are those arteries of blood in our body, with the help of which the flow of blood remains in the body. And in this new study, it has been found that people are complaining of blood clotting due to vaccination in blood vessels. So the next time you go to get the vaccine, take full care of how you are being vaccinated.

If you are getting Covishield or Sputnik V, then there is no need to administer the vaccine by pulling the skin. If this happens, you can raise an objection and inform the health department officials present at the vaccination center.

Complete list of dos and don'ts regarding vaccination-

1. Get the vaccine only by going to the vaccination centers set up by the central and state governments. If someone tells you that he will send his team and get you vaccinated at your home, then do not get into the words of such people, because this can make you a victim of fraud and there is also a possibility that you get the wrong vaccine.

2. While getting the vaccine, be sure to check which vaccine you are being given. The central government says that before administering the vaccine, it is necessary to tell every person which vaccine is being administered to him. You can also ask yourself if the health workers at a vaccination center do not do this.

3. After getting the vaccine, stay at the vaccination center for half an hour. According to the Union Health Ministry, its side effects are visible within half an hour of vaccination. 

Therefore, even if you are not asked to wait at the vaccination center, you should still do so and see if there is any side effect of the vaccine.

4. If you already have any disease or you are taking medicine for any disease, then definitely talk to your doctor before getting the jab.

5. You have to keep in mind that even after getting the vaccine, you keep following the mask and social distancing.

What you should NOT do while getting the vaccine-

1. After making an appointment, definitely get the vaccine or else it will be wasted.

2. While getting the vaccine, be sure to tell the health workers whether you already have any disease or not and whether you have taken any medicine at that time or not. Its direct effect will be seen in the side effects of vaccines, so do not take this thing lightly.

3. Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours before getting the vaccine.

4. You do not have to become your own doctor at all if there are side effects of the vaccine. Do not take any medicine without a doctor's advice.

5. Do not share your vaccination certificate on social media as it can be misused.

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