Transfection is the process of introducing nucleic acids in the eukaryotic cells, where genetic material such as DNA, RNA, supercoiled Plasmid DNA, proteins and antibodies are transfected. Transfection helps to find out the gene expression, protein coding, and gene function modulation in case of cancer. Thus, it helps to find out the basic biosciences research like differentially expressed genes, gene ontology, pathway analysis, identification of small molecules based on whether the gene expression is upregulated or downregulated.

There are three methods for the introduction of foreign genetic material such as biochemical, physical and viral methods. The biochemical method is further classified into calcium phosphate, lipofection DEAE-dextran, and dendrimer. However, physical methods consist of electroporation, nucleofection and microinjection. Viral method includes Adenoviral Vectors Transfection Reagents and Equipment method. Genetic material can also be introduced into the cell by viruses as a carrier. Adenoviral vectors are commonly used in the vector transfection.

Impact of COVID – 19 on the market

With the outbreak of the COVID-19, various businesses are at the forefront to combat this pandemic. The pandemic has hindered the industrial supply chain and also disrupted the product segment. Government across the countries has imposed strict lockdown to limit the spread of disease. The transfection reagent and equipment scope and applications are increasing very widely, due to increasing number of corona virus cases, as sample kits requires transfection reagents to detect the virus. Further, due to increase in COVID-19 cases, key players of transfection reagents are increasing their production volume, to support the population. This report will quantify the impact of this pandemic on the transfection reagents and equipment market.

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