Looking for a beauty device? Get a multi functional device.

You just need this one device to give you 5 indulgence. This device has all the functions that the Dr Arrivo the Zeus could give you. The Zeus is $2k-3k, This device is only $249, and it is FREE SHIPPING Australia wide. BARGAIN!!

Microcurrent release small and safe amount of current to train your facial muscle. It has lifting effect, helps in reducing wrinkles, and collagen regeneration.

RF release small radio frequency to train your facial skin. It has the same effect as microcurrent but more prominent in collagen regeneration.

This device has both of these functions and more!!

UP - that is combination of Import pulse, microcurrent and RF

MFIP - mid frequency intermittent pulse

EMS - microcurrent

LED - phototherapy

VR - vibration

Regime is as below

Weekly care - 1-2 times a week

MFIP for 5 mins UP for 5 mins = total 10 mins

Smoothly slide the device upward - refer to picture

Daily care -

EMS LED VR simultaneously = total 5-10 mins

Stamp the device on the face in each position, stay in spot for no more than 3 seconds - refer to picture

Just 10 minutes each day, you have youthful skin on your way!

LED and VR functions can be used together with UP or MFIP as well.

LED consist of 3 colors -

Red - Anti-wrinkles, firming, anti-aging

Green - rejuvenating, brighten up

Purple - fade acne scar, shrink pores.

Pack comes with the device, and the charger. It needs to be connected to power.


UP/MFIP/EMS functions are only safe to use with facial gel or essence, DO NOT USE WITHOUT GEL.

These functions gives your skin some tingling feeling, and some people maybe more sensitive about it. The intensity can be adjusted according to personal preference, it is recommended to use the lowest to start with and gradually buildup after the first few use.

Effects is vary from person to person, and the choice of the facial gel or essence would be the major part of the result.

Do NOT use if pregnant.

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