Cell Line transfection

Cell lines can be transfected with Celetrix electroporation with a very high efficiency and a very high cell viability. For example, the transfection efficiency of Jurkat cells can be more than 90% and the cells retain fast growth.

Transfection efficiency of Jurkat is 90.27%

Primary cells transfection

The Celetrix electroporation technology can electroporate primary cells at very high efficiency. For example, Human PBMC transfection efficiency with GFP plasmid is 64%, and transfection efficiency of CAR-T2A-GFP with SB transposon can reach 60-90%.Human iPSC can be electroporated at a very high efficiency of more than 80% and the cells remain undifferentiated. The Celetrix efficiency is highest compared to all other electroporation methods on the market.

Transfection efficiency of human PBMC with GFP plasmid after 24 hours is 80%

Human PBMC CAR expression at 65.9%

Transfection efficiency of iPSC is 73.7%

 High efficiency transfection of mouse primary cortical neurons

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