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Highly efficient method for transfection of early chick embryos

Bilateral electroporation allows comparison of control and experimental conditions

Non-mosaic, highly reproducible results using various reagents


The chick embryo is a favored model for developmental studies owing to its accessibility and ease of manipulation. Ex ovo electroporation provides a highly efficient method for screening perturbation phenotypes using a variety of reagents, including CRISPR and morpholinos. Additionally, the chick system lends itself well to rapid medium-throughput enhancer screening. Constructs facilitating tissue-specific protein pull-down can also be transfected using this protocol. Furthermore, bilateral electroporation with control and experimental reagents provides a robust assay for accurately interpreting functional perturbations.

For complete details on the use and execution of this protocol, please refer to Williams et al. (2019).

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High Throughput Screening

Model Organisms

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