Every Indian will be vaccinated by the end of this year, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Friday. 

Addressing a press conference on the coronavirus crisis, the minister said that the vaccination campaign is expected to be completed by December.

During the address, Javadekar also targeted the statement of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his statement claiming that out of the 130 crore population of the country, only 3 per cent of people have been given both doses of coronavirus vaccines. Attacking Gandhi, Javadekar said that he should look towards the Congress-ruled states, where there are issues in vaccination.

Not only this, he also replied to Rahul Gandhi over his criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the outbreak of the pandemic. Javadekar slammed the Congress leader and said that the kind of language the opposition leader used and tried the 'fear' it tried to create in people's minds, it has become clear that the Congress is behind the 'toolkit'. Javadekar said that the Prime Minister along with the people of the country is fighting the pandemic and at this time Rahul Gandhi uses the word 'Nautanki' for the efforts made by the government. This is an insult to the nation and the people of the country. We will not use such words because the public has already stopped his 'nautanki'.

Rejecting allegations of Rahul Gandhi on the slow vaccination campaign, Javadekar said that so far, India has given a dose of anti-coronavirus vaccines to more than 20 crore people. India comes at second place in terms of fastest and most vaccinations in the world today, he said. 

The Union Health Ministry has recently created a blueprint for 216 crore doses of vaccines and vaccination of 108 crore people. Instead of attacking the central government for vaccination, Rahul Gandhi should focus his attention on the Congress-ruled states because they are not able to even get their own share of vaccines from the vaccine producers.

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