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Eppendorf Multiporator Electroporation System

for eukaryotic cells

Bacteria and yeast module

Multiporator combines a hypoosmolar buffer system with exponentially diminishing, electronically regulated pulses in the microsecond range to ensure optimum transfection rates during eukaryotic transfection

Pulse parameters are maintained independently of sample resistance. Multiporators include an RS-232 interface for data printout.

electroporates mammalian and plant cells. System provides multiple pulsing from 1 to 99 pulses with a one minute interval. The sterile hypoosmolar and isoosmolar buffers are mycoplasm- and pyrogen-free.

electroporates gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and yeast in addition to eukaryotic cells. System offers a resistance of 600ohm. Capacitor is 10µF. System features an electronic safety switch for eliminating short-circuits.

Electroporation cuvettes (ordered separately) are individually packaged and gamma-irradiated to ensure sterility. The gap width is indicated on the side, and a frosted window permits easy labeling.

Eukaryotic module

Pulse voltage: 20–1,200 V

Pulse form: Exponentially diminishing, electronically controlled

Time constant: 15–500 µs, in increments of 5 µs

Multiple pulsing: 1–99, with 1 min time interval

Interface: RS-232

Bacteria and yeast module

Pulse voltage: 200–2,500 V

Pulse form: Exponentially diminishing

Time constant: 5 ms (nominal)

Resistance: 600 Ω

Capacitor: 10 µF

Special feature: Electronic safety switch for eliminating short-circuits

Also Supplied - 10x Cuvette 1mm Gap, 100ul Volume 4307-000-569

Pick-up is from Rowville, Melbourne, Victoria.

If Postage is required, please ask for a quote prior to placing a bid.

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