Available online 17 July 2021, 107891



EP protocol for cell lines.

Optimal Voltage for cell lines.

Translation from cell line to clinic.


To make in vitro single cell electroporation protocols more comparable between various cancer types and groups, we propose a set of assays to test a range of electric field strengths at the start of any new project to determine the optimal electric field strength for a given cell line. While testing a range of electric field strengths, we kept the other ESOPE parameters constant (8 pulses, 100µs pulse duration, 1Hz pulse frequency). Basic assays were employed to measure short-term viability, effectiveness of treatment, metabolic activity, and recovery potential post-treatment to determine the optimal field strength for a particular cell line. Six cancer cell lines were tested, three of human (A549, A375 and Pan02) and three murine (LLC, B16F10 and MIA-PACA2). Our findings demonstrate that the optimal electroporation setting while keeping with all other ESOPE parameters are 800 V/cm for A549 and Pan02, 700V/cm for A375, Mia-PACA2, and B16F10, and 1300V/cm for LLC. Having an agreed upon set of assays to determine each cell lines optimal electric field strength should allow an improve translation of findings between cell lines for in vitro work from various groups and potentially improve translation into the clinic.




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