“We have given the vaccine to transplant recipients and other vulnerable groups without any side-effects. Many have taken the vaccine; there is nothing to fear,” said Dr Subramanian Swaminathan, Director - Infectious Diseases, Gleneagles Global Health City.

It is not possible to develop natural immunity due to the changing nature of the virus, and natural immunity is effective only for a shorter term compared to vaccinated immunity, doctors added. “This is a virus that keeps on mutating, because of which natural immunity lasts shorter. Therefore, even those who have already got COVID-19 should receive the vaccine,” said Dr Vijaylakshmi Balakrishnan Senior Consultant Infectious Diseases Kauvery Hospital. She added that even those who do not die would have “long COVID”, where symptoms lasts longer, even after recovery. According to doctors, the vaccine’s side-effects will not be lethal. “We need to look at the meaningful risk. Younger people are more likely to get side-effects than the elderly. Immunogenecity is a result of age, and the symptoms are a sign of the immune response. When looking at data of side-effects seen in doctors who were vaccinated, there were no side-effects in those above 60, and more among those between 25 to 35,” said DR Swaminathan.

Also, it was impossible for the mRNA vaccine may alter the DNA, as the vaccine does not interact with the genome system, not does it affect fertility or sexuality, doctors added.

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