It's been a year that the first COVID-19 case was detected in India. The whole year has been tough for the country - medically, economically, in terms of human crisis. India recorded 13,083 new coronavirus cases today (January 30), one year after the first infection was reported in the country, taking the total number of cases to 1.07 crore.

The corona pandemic reached its peak in the month of August-September last year, but the transition graph in the last 7 months till the vaccine was introduced has been low. 

First case detected in Kerala

On January 30, 2020, the first coronavirus case was registered in Kerala. By February, some students who returned from China's Wuhan province were found COVID-19 positive. But the transition did not reach the double digits. On March 4, 22 cases were found in India for the first time, out of which 14 were Italian tourists. On March 12, the first death from coronavirus was recorded in the country.

March turned to be super spreader month

The returning of a religious guru to Anandpur Sahib in Punjab from Italy and Germany, and roaming there between March 10 and 12 proved to be the first major case in India. 27 cases were detected here and 40 thousand people from 20 villages were quarantined. 

In mid March itself, Tablighi Jamaat's program in Delhi was the biggest super spreader event. Infection increased rapidly in states like UP, Bihar, Bengal after that.

Lockdown announced from March 25

Seeing the situation getting serious, lockdown was announced in the country from March 25, 2020. By March 31, 47 deaths were reported and 1403 people had already been infected. But the government was believing that the 21-day lockdown would not be extended, but the government then had no idea of ​​the corona explosion.

April: Number of patients increased 23 times

The government admitted that there were 4129 COVID-19 cases in the country directly related with the Tablighi Jamaat congregation. The number of patients increased by 23 times in April as compared to March. On April 14, for the first time, more than one thousand, 1463 corona positive patients were found in the country, which reached the figure of 1901 by April 30. By the end of April, the total deaths had risen to 1075.

May: More than hundred deaths for the first time, one lakh cases

Despite the lockdown, COVID-19 cases continued to grow in May. On an average 6-7 thousand patients were recorded daily. For the first time on May 5, more than 194 patients died. On May 19, 110 days after the first case of corona, the number of patients crossed one lakh. 

On May 31, the maximum number of 8380 cases in a month was registered. On May 31, lockdown ended and unlock 1.0 was announced.

June: Infection increased with Unlock

As soon as the economic activities (Unlock 1.0) started, there was a possibility of a sharp increase in the cases and the same happened. On June 1, where 8392 cases were found in one day, reached 18,522 cases on a single day by June 30. The number of deaths also rose from 230 on June 1 to 418 daily by June 30. In the unlock phase, opening of malls, restaurants and religious places was announced.

July: New cases increased three times daily

With the fear of infection rising during the rainy season, the total cases in the country crossed 1 million on July 17. These included 2.75 lakh cases in Maharashtra and 11.6 lakh cases in Delhi. 

On the first day of July, with 18,653 new cases, by July 30, it increased nearly 3 times to 52,123. On July 23, 1129 deaths (Corona Virus Record Deaths) were reported from corona for the first time in the country.

August: 20 lakh cases, deaths increase by 50%

In August, 19 lakh 87 thousand 705 cases of coronavirus were found in India and 28,859 deaths occurred. This figure of deaths was double than the previous month. On the first day of August, 54,735 cases were registered and 78,761 cases were registered on August 31. In August, on an average of 800-900 deaths were recorded every day.

September: 33 thousand deaths, close to one lakh cases daily

September month saw the worst-growing of COVID cases in the country, with corona cases rising to 70 thousand to around one lakh daily.

A record 97,984 cases were reported on 17 September. The number of deaths also reached about one lakh (97,497). On September 16, the highest number of 1290 deaths were recorded. A total of 33,515 deaths occurred in October.

October: Deaths exceed one lakh

In the festival month of October, on October 3, the total deaths in India exceeded one lakh. But after 1181 deaths were registered on October 1, it came down to 551 on October 31. New cases also came down to 48,000 on October 31 from 85,000 to 86,000 cases. Deaths decreased to around 24,000 for the whole month.

November: Corona's graph comes down

After nearly two million cases being recorded for consecutively three months, there was some relief in November. On an average, daily cases have come down from 45,000 to 38,000. Deaths cases also came down to 400-450 daily.

December: Corona cases cross one crore

On December 18, in the midst of a decreasing graph of corona, the total cases in India exceeded one crore (Corona Virus 10 million Cases). Surprising thing came out that in only 47 districts of the country, there were about 50 percent cases. About 50% of the total deaths were found in 24 districts.

January 2021: From Virus to Vaccine

Emergency use of the corona vaccine was approved in India, with corona cases (Corona Virus Cases January 2021) falling to June-July levels. Vaccination started in the country from January 16. About 33 lakh people have taken the vaccine. Today, India has 10.46% of the world's cases, which were more than 15% at one time.

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