o Fact: A person who had COVID-19 was infected with one version of the virus. It has mutated over time. Currently, the three available vaccines help protect a person against the multiple versions of the virus from serious illness and death. Your best chance at avoiding infection to get your COVID-19 vaccine.

• Fiction: The COVID-19 vaccine is manufactured using aborted fetuses.

o Fact: The three vaccines, Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J, were created using fetal cell lines from 60 years ago. Abortions were not conducted to develop these vaccines. So, when you receive the vaccine, there are no aborted fetus cells being injected into your arm.

o Global leaders including Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict recommended and received the COVID vaccine. In January 2021, Pope Francis stated that people have a moral obligation to receive one of the new coronavirus vaccines as soon as possible.

• Fiction: The COVID-19 vaccine is going to alter my DNA.

o Fact: None of the three FDA-authorized vaccines change or interact with your DNA. The material inside the vaccine delivers instructions to our immune cells to begin building antibodies against the COVID-19 virus, but the materials in the vaccine never enter the nucleus of our cells (which is where our DNA is).

• Fiction: The COVID-19 vaccine affects fertility so I’m not going to get it if I’m pregnant or planning to be pregnant in the future.

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