To overcome the problem of vaccine hesitancy among its population, a business tycoon from Hong Kong has come up with a solution to resolve this issue. 

The property tycoons announced a lucky draw on Friday for those ready to take the vaccine, with a grand prize of a one-bedroom apartment worth HK$10.8 million (US$1.4 million) or Rs 10.8 crore.

Apart from the winner, other participants can still look forward to winning 20 other prizes worth HK$100,000 each.

With vaccines enough to immunise 7.5 million people, the city had to resort to these ways due to lack of trust against the government by the citizens and the belief of locals who feel the city is now virus-free, as reported by Channel News Asia. 

The people who are eligible to participate in this lucky draw need to be 18 and above and must have received both doses of the vaccine. They can register for the same until September 1, Sino Group, Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, and Chinese Estates Holdings said.

"We hope to increase Hong Kong's vaccination rate through the lucky draw," Daryl Ng, the director of the foundation said in a statement.

However, the ultimate prize of a one-bedroom apartment is only for the permanent residents. 

Cities in the United States like California, Colorado, Ohio, New York, and Oregon have also applied the trend of vaccine lotteries.

As per reports, less than 20 per cent of Hong Kong’s population has been administered the first dosage of vaccine and only 14 per cent with the second dosage. 

Earlier this week, the Hong Kong Airport Authority said that it would give away 60,000 free flights by the end of September to those taking the vaccine shot.

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