The BTX ECM 2001+ Electrofusion and Electroporation System is suitable for improving hybridoma production including hybrid cell formation, dendritic-tumour cell fusions, nuclear transfer and hybrid plant applications.

Hybridoma technology methods offer the ability to create immortalised lines of cells which produce specific monoclonal antibodies targeting antigens of interest. The resulting monoclonal antibody products are powerful tools for a variety of downstream applications which include basic biological or translational research, assay development and target discovery, diagnostics, and potential therapeutics.

Electrofusion instruments such as the BTX ECM 2001+ are suitable forhybridoma applications. The instruments utilise combinations of precise electrical pulses to efficiently align cells into pearl chain formations, fuse cytoplasmic compartments to create hybrid cells and stabilise the hybrid cells post-fusion. This process is efficient and offers flexibility to scale from a few cells at a time up to 100 million cells.

Unlike PEG-based cell fusion methods, electrofusion is less affected by lot-to-lot based variation of reagents or cytotoxicity issues. Additionally, the researcher may use an optically clear microslide or coaxial fusion chamber to view the cell alignment and fusion as it is happening for QC and optimisation purposes.

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