CE Marking, ETL Marking (UL, CSA), CB Scheme, EU RoHS, WEEE 33cm 13in Generator, Microslides, Round wire Rectangular wire, and Micrograbber adapters 40 to 104°F 0.01 to 10s 1 to 19 AC sinewave pulses, 1-99 DC square wave pulses per sample 35W idle and 350W pulsing 10.0kg 28.6cm 3775μF Output cable with positive and negative 4mm Banana jacks Electrofusion of all cell types; Hybridoma generation; Nuclear Transfer; Embryo manipulation; Transfection of mammalian cells and tissues; Transformation of some bacteria and microorganisms 50, 60Hz AC Sine Wave, DC Square Wave 5 to 500Vin 1V steps

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