• Nourishes facial and neck nutrition, eliminates acne, shrinks pores, wrinkles, adjusts, whitens.
  • Non-porous mesotherapy: Use a special pulse by double-clicking the current to directly bring nutrients to the dermis of the skin..
  • Imports of electroporation: Special currents activate skin cells, which allow the active ingredients of the skin cream to enter the dermis directly..
  • RF current: heating high frequency resistance, effectively improving skin relaxation, aging wrinkles, promoting lymph and blood circulation and other care..
  • LED phototherapy: repair and cure violates Mirco's electricity. The cellulite needle has no ultra-thin skin, which makes the pores of the skin have anti-inflammatory and calming effects..

Choose the model and function:
Model 1: The first time you press the LED light selection button, the pink light.
Wavelength: 700nm (+/- 10nm)
Bleachs skin for darker skin
Model 2: Press the LED selection button a second time, flashing pink.

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