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In ovo electroporation of dorsal telencephalon in chick and snake embryos

Maximal viability of the embryos makes the protocol highly efficient

The simplicity of the procedure makes it accessible to non-expert researchers

Adaptable to any type of gene manipulation of the embryonic telencephalon


In vivo electroporation has become a key technique to study genetic mechanisms of brain development. However, electroporation of the embryonic pallium in oviparous species, interesting for evolutionary studies but distinct from in utero electroporation, is quite infrequent. Here, we detail the in ovo electroporation of the developing pallium in chick and snake embryos. This protocol allows gene manipulation through introducing exogenous DNA into brain progenitor cells and can be adapted to any type of gene manipulation of the embryonic telencephalon.

For complete information on the use and execution of this protocol, please refer to Cárdenas et al. (2018).

Subject areas

Developmental biology

Evolutionary biology

Gene Expression

Model Organisms


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