The Central Government on Friday said that the drug Remdesivir should be given only to moderate to severe Kovid-19 patients within ten days of the onset of any symptoms and such patients should be given kidney stones. There should be no liver related problems. The government has asked not to give medicines to such patients who are not on oxygen or are recovering by staying at home.

According to the clinical guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry for the management of infection in adult patients, the drug Remdesivir has been asked to be administered within ten days of the onset of any symptoms to only moderate to severe Kovid-19 patients who have kidney or kidney failure. Have no liver problems.

Use of Tocilizumab drug can be considered 

As per the guidelines, use of the drug Tocilizumab may be considered in severe disease conditions, preferably within 24 to 48 hours after the onset of critical illness and admission to the ICU. The Union Health Ministry also said that people above 60 years of age who have heart-related problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and other such diseases are at a higher risk of serious illness.

According to the guidelines, coronavirus patients are classified into patients with mild, moderate and severe disease. It said that those with mild illness are recommended to stay in home isolation and care, while those with moderate level of infection should be admitted to the hospital ward and those with severe infection should be admitted to the ICU. Has been.

Corona's third wave may be on peak by February 3 next year

At the same time, the third wave of Kovid-19 epidemic in India may peak by February 3 next year. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur made this claim in their study. However, this forecast is based on the assumption that many countries affected by the Omicron variant of coronavirus in India will see a trend of increasing cases. The study published on December 21 on MedRXIV has not yet been reviewed.

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