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It’s a tough decision! 


1. stay on the current dosage 1.5 mg for some months or more to stabilise the WD I’m in ( and suffer the unwanted side effects of Paxil)


2.  Keep tapering by 10 percent and see how it goes


3. Bridge to Prozac. 

IF I eventually do that:  what is the best way?


 I read the SA thread on this, got a little confused by the different options. So I borrowed the “recipe” from Erells signature on bridging, and downsized to my dosage. It seems she landed on a dosage of fluoxetine that was 75% of her paxil dosage. 

Would this be a possible way?


Day 1:   

1.5mg Paroxetine + 0.15 mg Fluoxetine

Day 4 : 1.5mg Paroxetine + 0.30 mg Fluoxetine

Day 6 to day 18: drop 0.3 mg Paroxetine every 4 days, add 0.15 mg Fluoxetine every 4 days

= Day 18:  0.3 mg Paroxetine + 0.9 mg Fluoxetine


Day 23:  0.15 mg Paroxetine + 1 mg Fluoxetine

Day 27: 0.08 mg Paroxetine + 1.1 mg Fluoxetine 

Day 40  1,1 mg  Fluoxetine   (STOP PAROXETINE)


Day 40- day 140.


I see that ERELL in the next 100’days added back small amounts of paroxetine (0.06 to toothpick size and also added 1 mg diazepam). So going to zero Paxil will be hard…


thanks again. 





1990-1991 : amitriptylin for anxiety.
1991-2000: 20 mg paxil

2003-2015 : paxil  20 mg - 40 mg - 60 mg - 40 mg. (2008 took prozac in stead of paxil for two months, was abroad and paxil was not available).  
2015-2021 : 5 mg prozac (and 5 mg valium as needed )


Feb 14th 2021 to May 7th : Lexapro. Started with 5 mg. Feb 28th: 10 mg.  Mid March:  Severe adverse effect, but thought it was side effect that would pass. Late March: Lowered dose to 5 mg didn’t get better. Early April Lowered to 2.5. April  23:  Switched to 5 mg celexa, then 2,5 , then  1.25. May 7th quit. Severe WD, hit early August.  Buspar:  tried 3 x 5 mg buspar one week early April and once after I quit in may to check if bruxism would go away. Didn’t help. Headaches from it. 


Oct 23 to nov 29: 1.7 mg Paxil - in an attempt to lessen anxiety. 

Nov 30: 10 percent decrease, 1.5 mg


Supplements: magnesium. 2 mg melatonin at night. Prescription drugs: High  blood pressure: Adalat oros (nifedipine) 60 mg, renitec comp (enalapril) 40 mg, potassium chloride 3x750 mg.  Thyroid: 75 mcg levothyroxine. 

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