Hi guys,

I've been on Effexor XR for 2.5 years. When I started this medication I was working night shifts and in the middle of an opioid addiction and was already experiencing fatigue from working 50 hours weeks, 12 hour graveyard shifts, etc.

I have spent around the same timeframe (when I began Effexor 2.5 years ago) in a perpetual state of complete exhaustion, fatigue, near bed ridden at times and when I try to do anything, walk to the gas station a couple blocks away or take the steps up to my apartment, I am completely wiped out - and sweating PROFUSELY - and recovering on my bed. Taking a shower at times has been nearly impossible, attempting to dry off for an hour because I am profusely sweating.

I am now 5 months clean and was expecting the fatigue/sweating and various issues to clear up when I got sober but they have remained.

I really cant overstate the sweating thing. It's like my body has forgotten how to regulate it's own temperature. I come home from walking to the store, exhausted almost to the point of passing out and drenched in sweat. But as soon as I walk in the house, I am freezing because of the air conditioner on my wet skin. My body is confused. I have had extensive blood tests, every one you can run to try and find out. What we found was that my testosterone was really low (I am 39/Male), and I had a vitamin D3 deficiency. The testosterone has been thoroughly addressed and now on TRT with good Testosterone scores, and I began a high strength vitamin D regiment a few weeks ago.


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