Hi guys, for a while I’ve debated on whether or not to take medicine to deal with my anxiety. I’m diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder, and generalised anxiety disorder along with it. My psychiatrist has mentioned giving me Sertraline to help manage my symptoms. Thing is, I’m terrified of taking medicine. I know I shouldn’t be but I can’t help it. Both my mom and aunt use Sertraline. My aunt says it’s the best medicine she’s ever taken for anxiety and that the quality of life with it is much better than without. I watched my Mom begin the medicine and the transformation of her was amazing, it was heartwarming to see her finally getting better from her crippling anxiety. My mom also says it’s the best thing she’s taken. Is there any other Sertraline users here? What’s it like? What are your stories? Thanks for anyone who replies, I appreciate it.

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