Ah, don't bother looking for updates 1 and 2, I forgot to post them. Today though, wow. I took Strattera for 3 months and it had a huge impact on my health... I couldn't sleep, couldn't nap, never felt rested, had terrible constipation, brain fog, and still couldn't focus or get anything done. I was on it for 3 months at the behest of my doctor, who kept upping the dose and told me to see if things improve. They didn't.... I begged for some alternative, and got Concerta. Wow, what a difference. Day 1 I immediately felt better- energized, thoughtful, able to keep track of my sh*t. Day 2 I was flying through chores and getting some good ideas on paper. Today, Day 3, I handled 2 meetings like I champ. I can't remember the last time I felt so energized, and no brain fog! I feel like my prayers have been answered. I'm on the lowest dose and already feeling positive effects. I seem to have a new zeal for exercise and action. Damn, I hope this lasts, it's been too long since I felt like a fully functioning person. I resisted drugs for a long time, trying to sort myself out with exercise, diet, and sheer acts of willpower. The fact that Concerta has made such an impact for me almost immediately is kinda shocking. Anyone else feeling the same? Does the effect taper off over time? My mind is just flooded with possibilities, I feel like a superhero. Maybe this is how Elon Musk gets it done.

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