So I’ve been on Strattera for 9 months and recently decided I can’t take the tiredness/lack of motivation. Even Ritalin didn’t help much.

So at first I tried to drop Strattera because my psych said there were no withdrawal symptoms.

I became unable to leave my bed without intense dizziness. I felt super nauseous and got a terrible migraine. Not to mention I could hardly think and was even more exhausted.

I started retaking it and the symptoms resolved. I stopped again and the symptoms came back.

So now I’m tapering off where every week I go down slowly in dosage. I have anxiety, more headaches, irritability, lots of crying spells, ADHD symptoms have come back with a vengeance (that’s a predictable symptom), exhaustion, unmotivated, and I can hardly think.

Has anybody else experienced withdrawals, and how long did it last for you?

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