I've (36f) never been formally diagnosed with ADHD but my therapist said that I probably do, due to scattered thoughts, inability to complete tasks, and generally disorganized and chaotic thinking, and at one point thought that medication would help. So I tried strattera and I felt flat and slow, which was cool for a change but the nausea was horrible. My psychiatrist switched me to 30mg Vyvanse and it's been fun, at first some side effects (no sleep, weird migraines) but after three days they were gone. I am a little more focused but I am still flighty and creative.

My question is - how do I manage symptoms now? Vyvanse has helped more with stabilizing mood and keeping motivation than my inability to focus. I have had my happiest days in the past few months on vyvanse, but I still feel like a nutcase. I wish I could take both at once.

TL:DR: Stattera was so calming - how do I get that back while on Vyvanse?

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