So I started strattera about 5 days ago for my adhd and anxiety. I have been taking adderall for a few years but I feel that it really drains my personality and makes me a shell of a person, the comedowns are miserable and makes my anxiety + depression come out. So strattera! I’m wondering when people take theirs, morning or night? I was prescribed 40mg to start and in the morning. For the first like 4-6 hours of taking it I get extremely tired and irritable and feel like I can’t express myself, once again a shell. But after those couple hours, I feel great and have noticed a small improvement in my willing to do things and mood (especially invasive thoughts). So maybe I should take it at night to sleep through those side effects? I tried it last night but I barely slept. Did this sleeplessness pass after some time for those who take it at night?

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