So I was on Adderall for about a year (maybe longer?) And I'm now making the change to Strattera. I'm 3 weeks into the switch, and personally I'm finding it a lot better!

I don't notice as much a drastic difference between when it "kicks in" and when I "crash" I find it's a lot more gradual overall.

I did well on Adderall but found that even at a high dose, it would only last me about half way through the day. So far on Strattera I'm finding that it is helping for the entire day. I'm still in the process of increasing my dose, and I'm only 3 weeks in, so I'm sure there could be more, but so far for me personally I haven't had any side effects and it's been helping.

The biggest difference it makes is helping me with starting tasks. Instead of telling myself to go do something and feeling as though I physically can't go and do it for whatever reason, I can actually go "oh I should wash dishes" and then actually get up and go wash dishes right away without it being this big thing.

Not sure how helpful this is, considering I'm so new to it myself, but hopefully at least encouraging

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