anyone have heart side effects with strattera? i've been on it since about june, and recently (~2.5 weeks ago) titrated up from 40mg to 60mg (maximum dose for me). anyway, since yesterday i've been experiencing some tachycardia that comes and goes, as well as high blood pressure and lightheadedness. my ankles and feet are also a bit swollen. for reference, my average heart rate is 55-65 bpm and it's been averaging around 100 since yesterday, the highest being 145 this morning. i went to the doctors today and they said to book an appt with a cardiologist for an ekg so that's tmr. anyway, i was wondering if anyone has had this experience on strattera before? and if so whether it went away on its own or if you needed to stop or titrate down? had some heart palpitations on strat before but nothing of this length and intensity.

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