(posted this in another subreddit, but figured it's more appropriate here.)
Hello all! I have a burning question that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere on the great inter web. I presume that the case might be that it's an INCREDIBLY niche situation that probably not many people can answer...

What would the difference in performance be between the actual Dexedrine IR (5mg) and Zenzedi's IR (various dosages)? I'm in Canada where IR Dexedrine 5mg is still produced and marketed in pharmacies, albeit now produced by a Paladin Labs, with the same ingredients as always.

The US does not produce IR 5mg Dexedrine anymore, however Canada does, but we also do not have Zenzedis available here.

To those of you who were on the OG Dexedrine 5mg IR before they were discontinued but are now on Zenzedis, how would you say the performance differs? Is the OG Dexedrine 5mg IR superior or vice versa?

tldr: Zenzedi vs Old brand name Dexedrine IRs, which performed better?

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