Just a bit of context, I've been on Vyvanse 50mg for about a week now after titrating for about a month and a half with my doctor and we've finally found a dose that works but unfortunately not long enough (I'd say about 7-8 hours tops).

Then, I was prescribed a booster pill of 5mg Dextroamphetamine Sulfate (20 pills/month, take when needed) - I have several burning questions that I've searched high and low for, but haven't came to concise conclusion...

  1. Is there a true difference between IR Dextroamphetamine drugs? I am well aware that there is for XR drugs as its' efficiency is highly dictated by the quality of it release mechanism. So how does this carry over into IRs.

  2. I cannot identify which manufacturer makes my Dextroamphetamine Sulfate (5mg), it's circular and disc shaped, very tiny with the inscription D and the cut-line and 5 underneath that, nothing is written on the underside of the pill. No where on reddit nor online can I find any mention of this drug. Oh, and I'm in Toronto, Canada- if that helps.I would post this pill if it was allowed but it seems lots of subreddits don't allow the drug/substance IDing so ūüôĀ

tldr: need help identifying which manufacturer makes me Dexamph Sulf, and is there any difference between generic vs namebrand Dexes (i.e Zenzedi etc.)

Thank you, this subreddit has been a goldmine for me and I really mean it to each and every one of you who actually take the time to reply to our questions and spread the great knowledge.

apes together strong.

edit: i found out my Dexamphetamine 5mg is manufactured by AApharm.

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