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Part 2 of three Apart from technical considerations, choosing which Covid-19 vaccine to procure and stockpile can be guided by attributes that may be peculiar to a brand or product in terms of availability, storage and handling capacity, efficacy rates, pricing, etc. Availability is a function of many factors. One is technology (see below “How the […]

2 hours ago by Hi all, I am new to Bioinformatics and have been stuck with aligning my data for 3 weeks! I feel like I have tried everything. I would like to align my ATAC-seq data using Bowtie2. Now I have previously done that using the command: bowtie2 -x “name of index” -1 fast.reads […]

Understand the influence of COVID-19 on the mRNA Vaccines & Therapeutics Market with our analysts monitoring the situation across the globe. Request Now mRNA Vaccines & Therapeutics Market Overview | 2021 – 2026 The Global mRNA Vaccines & Therapeutics Market covers explicit information regarding the development rate, market estimates, drivers, limitations, future based demand, and […]

2 hours ago by Hi How can i identified the linkers in ChIA-PET fastq file? I read something that it says that it in the right end of the sequence. But when i search in Encode protocols about experiment procedures, i did not find informations about linker sequences. I realized that many places the linker […]

The Genome Editing/Genome Engineering Market 2020 Global Report serves as a document containing aggregate information, which promotes and assists in the estimation of all aspects of the Genome Editing/Genome Engineering Market. It gives an image of the base and framework of the Genome Editing/Genome Engineering market, which describes its favorable or restrictive points for global […]

3 hours ago by Hi, Need some help. I need a peak call file with read counts for some downstream analysis. I have my BAM file, I used MACS2 to get the peak calls, next I used Samtools bedcov but I am not familiar with these tools therefore I don’t know bedcov output header to […]

Market Study Report LLC adds a new report on Irreversible Electroporation Ablators Market Share for 2020-2024. This report provides a succinct analysis of the market size, revenue forecast, and the regional landscape of this industry. The report also highlights the major challenges and current growth strategies adopted by the prominent companies that are a part […]

I have eight 10x datasets (samples). 4 samples facs sorted for cell type a and four samples for cell type b. I want all the data to be analysed together. Just merging them works but I think there are some sample-to-sample technical artifacts. Integrating all of them also seems to be giving strange results. So […]

Editas Medicine (NASDAQ:EDIT) is quickly becoming one of the hottest biotech and gene therapy stocks on the market. Over the past year, it has more than doubled investors’ money. Meanwhile, the industry indicator, iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NASDAQ:IBB), only returned a total of 41%.  The most mind-boggling aspect of Editas is that the company already has […]

Do you want to break new ground and push the boundaries of what is scientifically possible? If you have a PhD in metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, microbiology or related areas and you want to work with cutting-edge technologies and be at the very front of the new scientific revolution, this is a job for you […]

Highlighting its vaccine diplomacy at the United Nations Security Council, India has pointed out how it is assisting the world community amid the COVID-19 pandemic that wrecked the world. India’s Deputy Permanent representative, Nagraj Naidu said, “As the largest vaccine-producing country of the world, we are fulfilling our commitment to make our vaccine production and […]

Google to open vaccination clinics at some of its sites Home Videos DNA Video Team Jan 26, 2021, 01:27 PM IST American multinational technology giant, Google has announced that it is launching an initiative to provide more than one fifty million dollars to promote education and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. According to The Verge, […]

Global CRISPR and CRISPR-Associated (Cas) Genes Market: Snapshot Over the years, biomedical researchers have increasingly focused on developing efficient and reliable methods for precise and targeted changes to virtually any point of genome of any living cell. Recent advances in the genome engineering has triggered several biological researches and translational applications. Economical manipulation and modification […]

Vaccines make animals disease-immune for a particular disease. In biological terms, vaccination against a particular pathogen aims to mimic the development of naturally acquired immunity by inoculation of non-pathogenic but immunogenic components of that pathogen. Animal vaccines market is dominated by production animals due to increasing global consumption of meat and milk products. The animal […]

2 hours ago by I’m using the monocle package for RNA-seq analyses. After creating a cds using new_cell_data_set() , I am trying to use the plot_cell_trajectory() function, but this error message keeps appearing:Error: Column name sample_name must not be duplicated. I have check the colnames and ‘sample_name’ ,none of them are duplicated. Source link

Global “mRNA Vaccines & Therapeutics Market” report presents a detailed analysis of the industry by size, growth rate, key players, regions, product types & applications. mRNA Vaccines & Therapeutics Market report evaluates key factors that affected market growth and with the help of previous figures this report elaborates current scenario and forecast of mRNA Vaccines […]

2 hours ago by Hi all I have a fasta fileA.fasta which contains 15 sequences and another fasta fileB.fasta which contains 92 sequences. I would like to find how many of the 15 sequences are also found amongst the 92. The format. (for both files is the same) is like this: >ENST000006553_1908 AGCGGGGCCCTT >ENST000002542_1826 GGGCCTAAAATT […]