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Do you have any memories that make you anxious? These memories have been conditioned by sympathetic activity of your nervous system so strongly that merely remembering them feeds back to your autonomous nervous system and triggers a fight or flight response.

Breathing Labs is hosting a telemedicine conference and a webinar on topics: outsourcing clinical research to domestic CROs, using electronic data capture to claim drugs efficacy, using twitter to organise staff. Speakers include: Prof. Boris Rubinsky, Berkeley University, Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Moscow State University. Join this event here. “Rubinsky decided to use the phones to address a […]

In 2011 we have published results of preclinical trials evaluating functionality of a product Breathing+, it showed 97.1% reliability (10 subjects) when monitoring breathing frequency in non-guided free breathing and 100% reliability (10 subjects) when monitoring breathing frequency during interactive paced-breathing exercises. We also evaluated the breathing frequency detection systems noise elimination functionality which showed a reduction of 84.2 dB for stationary