Traditional monetary systems or fiat currencies are based on the concept that a person gives his effort or goods as input and receives printed money in exchange. He can later use that printed money in exchange for other people’s services or goods. We would like to introduce a new paradigm of coins in which a […]

Breathing exercises have health benefits because they help in calming the nerves and improving the flow of energy to our body. Medical practitioners take advantage of this to help in the treatment of various ailments. Below is a description of 5 conditions common with children and how breathing exercises can assist with the healing process. […]

  Breathing exercises have been used as a method of care in a number of fields of medicine such as prenatal care, alternative and complementary medicine. Well known diaphragmatic breathing (“deep breathing”) exercises such as Pursed Lip Breathing can help relieve many symptoms and effects of a number of conditions such as COPD and anxiety […]