Newswise — In a first-of-its-kind study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, physician-scientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Marnix E. Heersink School of Medicine discovered that high-dose inhaled nitric oxide therapy may improve oxygenation and reduce the risk of mortality among critically ill Black patients with COVID-19. Acute respiratory distress syndrome, or […]

Respiratory Inhaler Devices Market Characteristics The Business Research Company has updated its global market reports, featuring the latest data for 2024 and projections up to 2033 The Business Research Company offers in-depth market insights through Respiratory Inhaler Devices Global Market Report 2024, providing businesses with a competitive advantage by thoroughly analyzing the market structure, including […]

Responding to emergencies with confidence and skill could be the difference between life and death. Recognizing this, the University of Maryland Shore Regional Health is stepping up to educate the community with a non-certification CPR course titled “Saving Lives Together: CPR Basics for Community Heroes.” Scheduled for 1 to 3 p.m. Wednesday, March 13, at […]

Research Nester Key chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) treatment market players include GlaxoSmithKline plc, AstraZeneca plc, Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH, Novartis International AG, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Mylan N.V. Merck 7 Co., Inc., Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc., Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. and Circassia Pharmaceuticals plc, New York, Feb. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The global chronic obstructive […]

“Everyone can save a life. Naloxone, and how to use it, is freely available at most pharmacies, including Pharmasave Jasper. Just ask.” Last week, Merv with Pharmasave presented on how to administer Naloxone to a room full of Alberta Community Peace Officers at their annual conference hosted by Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Naloxone is a […]

Public advisory issued, as Saint Lucia again faces challenges Saharan Dust The Minister of Health- Moses Jn Baptiste in Saint Lucia has issued a public advisory as the nation is grappling with a significant Saharan dust outbreak. The people with respiratory issues are advised to take necessary medications and be prepared for emergencies. The health […]

By Shayna Kaufmann Shayna Kaufmann SAN DIEGO — Last Saturday night, I had the pleasure of co-chairing Tifereth Israel Synagogue’s annual Sisterhood Shabbat – an entirely female led event that honors and celebrates sisterhood members. In a shift from past years, our event started with the evening service of Minchah and culminated with a Mindful […]

If someone is having an allergic reaction, an EpiPen can help stop it, explains Gupta, but it does not offer “baseline protection” as Xolair would. Allergist Jay Lieberman,  a member of the board of Directors for the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, also stresses that critical point. “The EpiPen is very different. It would […]

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — To pump every healthy drop out of February’s American Heart Month, WISH-TV Medical Expert Dr. Janel Gordon joined Daybreak for some Leap Day wisdom. She started with a hard truth: by the numbers, nothing is deadlier than heart disease. “It’s still America’s leading killer,” Dr. Gordon told our viewers. She says it’s […]

In a groundbreaking study published in the journal Thorax on February 27, 2024, researchers have illuminated a seldom-discussed aspect of asthma care: its carbon footprint. The UK-based research, led by Alexander J.K. Wilkinson and associates, draws a stark comparison between the environmental impacts of well-controlled versus poorly controlled asthma, shedding light on a potential pathway […]

February 29th is National Rare Disease Day. The day is meant to raise awareness for rare diseases and their impact on patients’ lives. Although Bernie Williams is most known for his legendary Yankees career, he has been an outspoken advocate for interstitial lung disease (ILD) since 2017 in honor of his father, whom he lost […]

After Tyler Whitehead became very sick and was admitted to McMaster Children’s Hospital, his health care team discovered that his gastrointestinal issues and chronic wet cough were the result of a rare disease. Eight-year-old Tyler Whitehead is a very active and outgoing child. He loves to swim, ride his bike, jump on the trampoline and […]

Staring at the ceiling at 3 a.m., battling a fever, and coughing up a storm is hardly the picture of a restful night. Yet, it’s a scenario all too familiar for anyone who’s been under the weather. In the quest for recovery, sleep emerges not just as a luxury, but a necessity, acting as the […]

In a world that often feels like it’s moving at lightning speed, finding moments of tranquility can seem like a Herculean task. Yet, a simple breathing technique, backed by experts like Kianoush Sheykholeslami, M.D., is gaining attention for its promise to not only quiet the mind but also usher in a restful night’s sleep. Known […]

Veterinary Rehabilitation Services Market The global veterinary rehabilitation services market demand is valued at US$ 792.5 Million in 2022 and it is anticipated to achieve a market valuation of US$ 882 Million in 2023. It is expected to reach a market valuation of US$ 2.1 Billion by the end of the forecast period while exhibiting a CAGR […]

TAKE A DEEP BREATH. That’s good advice for when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious. It helps you center yourself and relax. Ad taking it a step further to focus on a pattern of inhaling and exhaling could heighten the calming effects. The 4-7-8 breathing exercise is one technique that can cultivate “body, soul, spirit […]

PRESS RELEASE ATRIDE, a Greek wearable tech startup based in Athens, has emerged from stealth mode announcing a significant European funding grant from the Interregional Innovation Investments Instrument (I3) and the European Innovation Council & SMEs Executive Agency. ATRIDE and its partners have been awarded 3M euros in funding to aid the expansion, validation, and […]

Online driver profiling and e-driver training provider E-Training World has launched a new training module focused on road rage. More than two in three (​69.5%) drivers in the UK report experience road rage More than two in three (​69.5%) drivers in the UK report experience road rage, according to recent research from – and […]

By Eve Glazier, M.D., and Elizabeth Ko, M.D. Andrews McMeel Syndication Dear Doctors: I work in a big shop where we make custom furniture. My wife thinks it puts me at risk of COPD and insists I should use a mask. Is she right? I thought COPD was something that happens to smokers. Plus, wearing […]

A trigger is anything that can cause you to have asthma symptoms. This might include trouble breathing, wheezing, tightness in the chest or coughing.   When you have asthma your airways are more sensitive. Your airways get swollen, red (inflamed) and become narrow when exposed to your triggers.   Asthma triggers can come from your environment, lifestyle […]