Oh how the other half detoxes...

When life gets a touch bit too fast and too fun, the global glitterati takes to a most magical little spot in the Mediterranean near Spain's bay of Altea for a range of luxury medical treatments sans the fun of sangria. You see, SHA Wellness Clinic boasts a number of unique offerings that have the elite knocking on their door. 

There's the Healthy Aging program, which aims to slow down your biological clock, collecting on your through neurocognitive assessments, liver ultrasounds and moxibustion. 

There's the Leader's Performance program, targeted specifically for those in high-stress executive roles to optimize everything from their Emotional Breathing and heart health to hair health and hormone levels.

There's the Optimal Weight and Advanced Detox Intensive program, which will see you with a packed schedule of blood tests, hydrocolon therapy sessions, cooking classes and other things to distract you from how hungry you are.

Most recently, pals Poppy Delevingne, Lily James and Gala Gordon took a relaxing girls trip to SHA to enjoy Nordic walking, pickle ball, saunas and soaks. 

Obviously the trio had to have gotten the trip for free, but still, their Instagrams painted quite the picturesque portrait. Commenting on Poppy's post, Caroline de Maigret shared, "Always a treat to go there," with Millie Mackintosh following, "Omg it’s the best! Did 5 days on my own in December and loved it."

Of course, not everyone should be so lucky as to land themselves a comped stay. 

All in all, one should expect to spend around $13,000 minimum for a seven-night jaunt, with prices going up depending on which programs and room types you choose. And honestly, that's not horrible considering once you're there everything's taken care of, no?

[Photos via @poppydelevingne]

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